We are a Belizean Company dedicated to the Production and Transformation of biological products from bees: Honey, Pollen, Propolis, Beeswax, Royal Jelly, Bee bread, Apitoxin, and Drone Larvas. 

Apilife- All in Bees

Apilife is the leading innovator of honey and beekeeping based products in Belize.

Apilife is a leading green enterprise promoting the balance between man and nature. We strive to Safeguard and Sustain Honeybees promoting the unique benefits of beekeeping and its importance and benefits to the natural environment while providing natural ecofriendly products for all segments of society.

Our products are more than what comes in the bottles. Our brand represents wholesomeness and trust worthiness as we offer 100% natural products that care for the body and the environment.

Our innovative spirit has lead us to produce a wide array of products under several product lines including Consumables, Cosmetics, Alcoholic Beverages, Pharmaceutics and wax products.


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